Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Deep Sea is WORTH SAVING (A New Campaign and Website)

This is a big year for the deep sea.  So the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition has created the “Worth Saving” campaign to profile the issues and exert pressure on governments and industry to make the right choices on deep sea conservation.  And along with this campaign, we have created an entirely new website for the DSCC.  

This week, the BBNJ meeting marks the launch of this campaign and online platform. Our “Worth Saving” message will be shared with policy makers at an event we are hosting at lunch on Thursday June 2nd.  Invitations to the event will be handed out as ‘messages in a bottle’, sending an SOS signal on behalf of the deep sea and its “unlovely” creatures. 

A poster from the DSCC's new 'Worth Saving' Campaign

What can you do to get involved?  You can start with the Worth Saving campaign now by downloading and using our banners on your blog or website. 

And of course, keep an eye out for our most valuable team member - Roundnose Grenadier - as it travels the world in search of deep-sea protections!

Over the coming months the campaign will really start to evolve and gain momentum. The public will be able to give roundnose grenadiers an online make-over to increase their appeal to politicians - the resulting images can be emailed to named politicians or collected in a gallery to demonstrate growing momentum around calls for action.  (More on this feature soon!) 

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  1. Wishing the very best for your campaign. Will do my best to help get the word out that our oceans and all it's inhabitants are worth saving... All ocean inhabitants & it's flora are important to the ecosystem, and we are reliant on the oceans for our own lives.